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Do you want to start a restaurant? You are likely aware that equipment is a key component of a successful restaurant business. It can be used to store and prepare food, as well as decor and furniture. You need reliable equipment because if the equipment malfunctions, it can cause you to be unable to provide your customers with a portion of the menu. The worst-case scenario is that the restaurant may have to close for several days until the problem can be fixed. If you don’t make food or serve customers, you’re losing cash. What’s the chance that your customers will return to your restaurant if you have no business? It’s probably not good.

Many business owners hesitate to use used restaurant equipment in their establishments. Many factors make used restaurant equipment different. Here are 10 tips to help you decide if used equipment is right for your business.

  1. Quality: As many as three out of ten new restaurants fail within their first year of existence, and as high as sixty percent fail within the first three. If this is the case, equipment must go somewhere. In most cases, that means it is sold to another source. It doesn’t matter if the equipment is being sold, the important thing to remember is that you can find a lot of used equipment for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Indeed, newer equipment is not always better.
  2. Save money: Choosing to use the old route over the new is a good option for restaurant owners with limited capital. Although new equipment can be very attractive and shiny, and most likely come with warranties, it is also quite expensive. When you consider things like marketing, payroll, licensing, insurance, marketing, and food orders, some owners don’t have the money. This is where purchasing used equipment can be a benefit.
  3. Only purchase commercial: It is essential to only buy commercial-grade equipment when you are shopping for used restaurant gear. This is a requirement based on local health department standards. It is also easier to clean and maintain. This commercial-grade gear is also resistant to wear and tear in commercial kitchens.
  4. Do your research: Some manufacturers are better than others. Find out which manufacturers have a good reputation, and which ones don’t. This is why it’s important to understand that equipment that breaks down quickly when purchased new will likely cause more problems later on. You can tell the difference between the good and the bad brands.
  5. You should inspect the equipment. You should inspect the equipment for any rust, missing parts, or other damage. This will give you an idea of how old it is and how well it has been cared for since its last use. It’s possible to put on your reporter’s cap and find out the location where the equipment was last used. This could give you more information about the type of item that you might be buying.
  6. Warranty: A warranty is a requirement for any new restaurant equipment. In some cases, however, you may be able to get a warranty on a used piece. Ask about it – you may be surprised to find out the answer. A warranty on used equipment is a huge win, especially when you consider the cost savings.
  7. You need to make sure that it is code compliant. This is another important aspect of purchasing used restaurant equipment. Make sure that the piece you are interested in is compliant with current safety and health codes. This is particularly important if you are looking at older or less modern equipment.
  8. Gas is the best choice: There are many appliances, not to mention used restaurant equipment. However, gas appliances generally have fewer moving parts than other types. These appliances are easier to maintain if you get into trouble. Consider electrical equipment. There are usually more moving parts. This makes it more difficult to repair.
  9. Avoid deep-frying: Although this article is intended to highlight the advantages of purchasing used equipment over new ones, we recommend that you do even more research before buying any deep-fried equipment. You should ensure that the fryer you are considering is only lightly used. This is because fryers are notorious for having a high failure rate due to the way they work. If you plan to use your fryer, it is important to inspect the equipment for any leaks or other damage.
  10. Be aware of who you are buying from: It is important to know the identity of who you are buying from, even used equipment. Bid on Equipment is a great service to help you do this. Bid on Equipment collects used equipment and offers them for sale via bidding. Bid on Equipment’s equipment is guaranteed to work, unlike other places.

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