How CCTV Can Provide Security to Your Business

CCTV Security to Your Business

If you are a business owner, then you know the significance of maintaining low operating costs in order to maximize your ROI (return on investment). Among the best ways, your surveillance system may save your business money is, obviously, by investing in security cameras (CCTV). Let’s explore five of the means that security cameras may save your business money, and the way Locksmith And Security is here to help.

Employee Theft

No matter how much confidence you’ve got in someone, it is still important to shield your business from potential theft. The US Department of Commerce reports that almost 75% of employees steal from their place of work.

Even if you have the utmost trust in your employees, it is important to shield your company from potential theft. According to the US Department of Commerce, almost 75 percent of employees steal from their place of work. This makes it essential for you to protect your investment with security cameras. CCTV surveillance is remarkably helpful in preventing theft, while it is by employee or client since the sight of a camera will put the potential burglar off the idea of stealing anything. In the event that something is stolen, you’ve got security footage which will help you capture the offender.

  • Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance providers offer reduced rates to companies using CCTV surveillance that helps your bottom line.

Business insurance is a necessity for all business owners a way to protect their investment. Insurance companies will often offer reduced rates to companies using CCTV surveillance, which is helpful on your bottom line. Just like with home security systems, installing security cameras on your company helps lower your liability risks, which means insurance companies see you are taking the right steps to protect your business from theft as well as other possible offenses, and consider it less of a threat to insure you.

  • Workflow Monitoring

Make sure your employees are working productively while on the clock, which lessens the issue of time theft one of the biggest ways employees steal from their employers is time theft, however unlike stealing actual things, many of them do not find this as theft.

CCTV surveillance permits you to make sure your employees are working efficiently while they’re on the clock. This also gives you a chance to make sure any protocols you have set in place, if they are for security or something else, are being followed. Another positive is security footage demonstrates you if you are over or understaffed, allowing you to acquire a better understanding of how you can better your organization and better serve your clients.

  • Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits

Lower your risk of a lawsuit with safety footage of what happens within your company. When it’s coming from an employee filing a fake workman’s compensation claim or a customer filing a lawsuit for something allegedly happening in your organization, having to manage legal problems could cost you a whole lot of cash.

By using security cameras, you can dissuade employees from filing falsified claims, as you are going to have proof regarding whatever occurs inside your building. Likewise, you will have the backup you will need to protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits brought forth by a customer.

  • Safer Workplace

Avoid vandalism and break-ins while providing your employees using an awareness of safety that they need to efficiently work security cameras placed at the entrances, exits, and parking a lot of your construction help to make a secure atmosphere.

Protecting your employees is just as important as protecting your other assets, and this is a measure that can help them feel safer while in the office. This may foster a greater relationship between employer and employee, as it shows you’re looking out for them. It will also help prevent vandalism and break-ins.

  • Security Cameras Increase Overall Safety

Security cameras that are positioned properly by professionals throughout your small business help to prevent break-ins and crime. Firms are four times more likely to be burglarized than a home. Locksmith provides you the best security cameras installation services for your office as well as for your home.

  • Video Surveillance

Business security cameras placed prominently can help in preventing theft. Almost 70 percent of all small businesses fall victim to employee theft. Nationally, small companies lose roughly $25-33 thousand per minute to shoplifters.

  • Avoid Fraud

Fraud can cause a business to lose up to 5% of its revenue.

  • Improves Safeguards

Small organizations are, of course, more vulnerable to employee theft. That is because fewer safeguards are in place to protect you and your workers.

  • Protects Against Burglary

Most men and women believe that burglaries are just “crimes of opportunity”. Though, statistics demonstrate that nearly all burglaries are forced entry (picking locks, breaking windows, hanging in doorways, etc.) A fantastic security system, such as surveillance security cameras, can be a terrific hindrance for those sorts of crimes.

  • Improves Outside Safety for Clients and Workers

Video surveillance cameras are there to protect employees both indirectly and directly. When the system is set up in parking lots and beyond the physical construction they could record the questionable activity and review the footage.

  • Security Cameras May Lower The Risk of Vandalism

Thus many business owners pay directly and indirectly for vandalism. According to the US Small Business Administration, one incident of vandalism costs an average of $3,400 especially in a supermarket, mall, and many more. Conspicuously placed cameras are shown to reduce the risks of violence and vandalism radically.

  • Increases Sales

Security cameras may also help to sell more products from your shop. They make it simple to track customer traffic patterns through your business. This offers you the chance to move inventory around and adjust stocking so you are taking advantage of high-traffic areas.

  • Provides Company Compliance

Many kinds of businesses have to have a video surveillance system (CCTV) set up in order to comply with HIPPA or SEC regulations along with internal company policies.

  • Makes Sense To Get Business

Video security surveillance makes good sense for companies since a business owner can’t maintain more than one place at a time. CCTV surveillance gives you visual access to your company when you need it which is 24/7, 365 days per year.

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