How to Keep Your Temporary Heating System Safe

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Temporary heating is sometimes necessary for cold environments to maintain productivity. It is critical to be able to safely operate rental heaters if you want to avoid injuries or accidents. These safety tips apply to three types of temporary heating.

  • Safety Tips for Indirect-Fired Heaters

Indirect-fired heaters are often powered by propane, diesel, or natural gas. The flame is contained in a burn chamber. Cool air flows around a heat exchanger and warm air enters a building. Indirect heaters are generally safer. They should be placed on stable ground, away from your building, when you are using them.

Your gas-fired units must be AGA-rated and protected against physical damage. To protect your fuel tanks, you can use jersey barricades or bollards. Flue stacks should be kept away from combustibles to prevent fumes from reaching your workplace. You should also have your flue stacks inspected and maintained by qualified vendors through a written agreement.

  • Safety Tips for Direct-Fired Heaters

Direct-fired heaters convert all fuel into heat. They are easy to transport and cost-effective, making them ideal for workplaces. These units can pose a danger to people and property if they are too close to combustibles. These HVAC rentals should not be used in wood-frame structures. They are more likely to tip than they can maneuver.

To prevent it from moving, make sure that the unit is securely attached. Be sure to shut the unit off before you start refueling it. Wait until it cools down. You must ensure that the unit is free from any combustible material. You should also have carbon monoxide detectors installed to ensure your safety and that of your workers.

  • Safety Tips for Electric Heaters

For small areas, electric heaters can be a great temporary heating solution. A fan distributes warm air through the heater, which uses either a ceramic disc or filament to heat the area.

These units are less dangerous than traditional heaters, but they still pose a risk to safety and health. Keep the heaters away from any combustible material. Electric heaters must be kept from tipping, just like direct-fired heaters. Only dry environments should be allowed to use the unit. Ground fault protection is also recommended to protect your workers.

Every company wants its employees to be productive. Temporary heater rental are a great way to maintain high productivity in cold environments. These temporary heater safety tips will help you ensure that everyone is safe in your workplace.

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