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Air Scrubber
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An air scrubber is a portable air filter that takes out particles, odors, chemicals, and other pollutants from the air. The machine takes in the air and filters it before pushing the clean air out into the air. This machine can be used to improve the quality of air in many different situations.

At the Worksite

Many airborne pollutants can be found in some worksites. A lot of dust is produced by woodworking shops. Construction sites can be full of dirt and other debris. Garages can create debris and use chemicals. Overextended periods of work, workers in factories are exposed to chemicals and other pollutants.

These are all prime locations to purchase an air scrubber. It will reduce contaminants and make the air cleaner for employees.

When there is water damage

When it comes to water damage restoration, one of the first tools used is an air mover. This piece of equipment uses high-pressure air to quickly dry floors and carpets. It not only forces water up but also kicks up other unwanted things like carpet fibers, pet dander, and mold, and allergen spores.

An air scrubber and an air mover can be used together to clean the air in the room while it dries. This will make it cleaner than before the leak.

When water damage strikes, you will probably need a series of water damage dehumidifiers and air scrubber rental to eliminate humidity, airborne bacteria, and other irritants. You could see mold spores if water is left in your home for longer than two days. This is why reliable air filters are so important.

After a Fire

Not only does fire create physical airborne contaminants like soot or ash but also chemical ones. An air scrubber is a great piece of equipment for fire restoration.

Filters that remove both carbon and particles can make your air cleaner. They also remove odors from the carbon so you won’t have any unpleasant lingering odors.

Sewer damage

Some unpleasant odors can be caused by sewer damage. Workers will find the air cleaner more tolerable during repairs.

It is vital to ensure that the air quality is good. Too many chemicals or pollutants can lead to serious health problems. The air scrubbers make it safer to breathe.

What’s an Air Scrubber?

Mold remediation professionals, renovation companies, and other job sites use air scrubbers to improve the quality of the air. They can be used as portable purifiers without any attached ductwork. However, air scrubbers can be attached to existing ductwork and used as a permanent fixture.

Air Cleaning

Air filters are designed to trap larger airborne contaminants like dirt and dust. Air scrubbers work by actively cleaning the air. They release “air scrubbers”, which reduce the levels of VOCs, contaminants, mold, and other pollutants.

Air Freshening

Air scrubbers are a natural way to reduce the amount of airborne toxic chemicals in your home. The “air scrubbers,” which clean the air and surfaces using air scrubbing technology, are activated when you turn on your furnace, air conditioner, or fan.

What is the best time to use an air scrubber?

Many industries require air scrubbers in order to address indoor air quality concerns. A filtration system can be a great solution if you live in an area that is lacking clean, healthy air.

Restoration Projects

When your space experiences unexpected damage, a series of drying equipment rentals, restoration rentals, and air pollution units are needed to revitalize your site.


Mold thrives where there’s too much humidity. Mold problems can have a negative impact on your building’s structure and health. Mold can cause serious health problems by releasing toxic chemicals that can damage your cells. Sick building syndrome is a global problem that results in toxic mold and bacteria problems in buildings. This can lead to chronic illness for residents and workers.

Medical Facilities

If HVAC systems are not properly controlled, hospitals and health care centers can be affected by sick building syndrome. It’s especially important to offer emergency heating rentals in hospitals when HVAC systems fail, so the building and its patients aren’t affected by airborne toxins that can result from low-quality air. Air scrubbers can be rented if the facility has air quality problems.

Construction Sites

When workers are exposed to toxic gases, dust, and other contaminants, demolition and construction sites can prove difficult. HEPA filters can be a great option in these situations. They will capture the contaminants and allow workers to safely complete their tasks.

Increase HVAC System Lifespan

The “air scrubbers” do not damage or dirty your HVAC system. Instead, indoor contaminants are broken down and eliminated by the “air cleaners”. This results in a more durable HVAC system with fewer repairs and lower energy costs.

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