Organizing Your Storage Unit for Moving: The Tips

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Are you moving to a different city? Downsizing your home? Are you ready to move in with your partner and begin cohabiting? You’re ready to clear out some clutter but not ready for the “extra” stuff? You can easily increase the space you have by purchasing a storage unit.

You can make space in your home by renting storage units. Also, you can keep the things that you don’t need anymore. Planning ahead will help you keep track of your storage space and make it easy to access the things you need. Here are some of our top tips for organizing your storage units.

Keep an inventory list

It can be hard to keep track of your stuff when you put them in storage. It doesn’t matter if you keep it there for a month, a year, or less, you will eventually forget what you had. It will be easier to find large pieces that are too big for boxes when you go to your storage unit. Do yourself a favor by keeping an inventory of all the items you are putting in the boxes.

Start packing and sorting. It is easier to organize your list later by keeping track of it in a spreadsheet. You can also take photographs of your items. You can quickly scan your items by grouping them according to their size or type.

Make a map

It’s not enough to know what you have. Understanding where it also helps. It may seem easy to forget that the photo album box is in the back corner of the right-hand side. But take a moment. It will be harder to remember details like these.

To draw a map of your storage space, you don’t have to be a cartographer. It is possible to quickly draw a map of your storage unit, including a description of each box and notes about the contents. Make sure to take a photograph of your map before you start to draw it.

Clear Bins

For packing your things, the classic cardboard boxes will do. These boxes are the most affordable, fit well into storage units, and are very easy to find. There are many other options available that will allow you to take a closer look at the storage space you already have.

Clear plastic bins can be more expensive but are well worth the investment. They are easier to view than cardboard boxes and can be opened up without having to open them. These bins can be turned upside down, but labels cannot. You can see what they are no matter where they are stored. To get a better visual of what’s inside, you can take photos and place them between the items and the bin side.


Are you noticing a pattern? Do you see a theme? Details become blurred after some time passes. Do yourself a favor and label as much as you can!

You can save time and headaches by clearly marking your boxes. Also, make sure to place them on multiple surfaces so they don’t get moved. Double-check that you are facing the labels outwardly when you load your storage unit. This may seem like a simple tip, but it is surprisingly common for well-defined labels to end up facing the rear.

Disassemble Your Furniture

Storage units are often priced based on their size. It is therefore important to use as little space as you can. You can maximize storage space by disassembling furniture. You can take apart headboards, beds frames, and mattresses. Remove the legs from tables and other furniture where you can. To keep these items safe and out of harm’s way, store them vertically towards the back of the unit. To keep your mattresses in great shape, store them horizontally. To save space, place your tables so they can be used as shelving.

Plan for placement

Before you start packing boxes into your storage unit you need to plan where you will place them. A strong foundation is essential. This means that heavy or large items should be loaded in the base layer. This will provide a solid foundation for lighter items and won’t cause any damage to other objects.

Next, think about which items you might be most likely to use or what you may need frequently. It’s less likely that you will need spare furniture than seasonal pieces, so make sure to load your storage unit accordingly. You should place the things you will use more often or sooner in the front. This will save you the trouble of searching for and rearranging items later. Or you can hire reputed moving companies like long distance moving companies in Austin that will help you in the storage and packing of your items.

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