Protect your Health With Restroom Cleaning & Restroom Disinfection

Restroom Cleaning

Even on a sunny day, facilities managers can find it difficult to manage restrooms. They expect regular maintenance to keep clean.

In addition to being a potential source of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, they can also transmit infectious diseases. In the middle of a serious pandemic, poor sanitation can make your facility vulnerable to a coronavirus epidemic.

Within an hour of normal usage, there were 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch on the bathrooms’ surfaces. This is a strong indicator of COVID-19. The CDC, National Institutes of Health, and other institutions suggest that the 2019 novel coronavirus can live for two to three days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, which poses a meaningful safety and health concern if your restrooms are not being cleaned and disinfected properly.

It is now that you and your facility require a professional bathroom cleaning. Do not take chances with high-risk rooms in your facility. Let an industry professional protect your health, the health of your staff, and the safety of your patrons.

Use commercial restroom cleaning techniques to reduce bacterial and viral load

Using approved cleaning and disinfection methods by the CDC and EPA will reduce the bacterial or viral load in a bathroom. First, make sure your commercial restroom cleaning company is properly disinfecting the area. Microorganisms on surfaces can allow bacteria and other pathogens to survive. Disinfection alone will not kill viruses and bacteria unless the dirt is removed.

Proper surface disinfection requires the use of the correct chemical disinfectant. only List N disinfectants have been rated to kill the new coronavirus. Your commercial cleaning company should not use any of the EPA-approved disinfectants. They are not adequately protecting you and your facility against SARS-CoV-2.

To effectively remove the virus from a surface, your restroom cleaning service must also be aware of chemical dwell times and other manufacturer recommendations. It is not enough to spray and wipe disinfectant. Most disinfectants must be left on the surface for a certain amount of time to be effective. It might be time for a change if your office’s restroom service doesn’t meet the data-backed recommendations of the EPA or CDC.

Professional Restroom Services should not only hope for the best but also plan for the worst

Sometimes things happen beyond our control. Despite our best efforts, sometimes they happen. The hallmark of a professional in the industry is their ability to handle any situation with grace and still provide exceptional service. Stathakis has a plan for dealing with coronavirus infections that will not affect the daily operation of your facility.

We at commercial cleaning Dallas are ready to help if someone becomes ill in your facility. It is important to quickly isolate, disinfect and reopen any areas that have been exposed to the virus. It is difficult to determine which areas should be closed and how they should be treated. This can lead to ineffective control and slow recovery times for your building. Consider switching to professionals who are trained to deal with the most severe threats in commercial restroom cleaning.

Commercial cleaning companies cannot be afraid of accountability

Even the most professional commercial cleaning company can make things go wrong. There are no guarantees that everyone will make a mistake. Even the best plans may not be enough when disaster strikes. Do you know who to call when there are problems? Are you clear with your bathroom cleaning company about who is responsible, accountable, and who to call? Because small problems are often easier to resolve than big ones, it is important to know who you can call or email.

Communication is key to smooth facility operation and efficient bathroom cleaning. It is crucial to coordinate things such as cleaning times, usage patterns, and stocking information in order to provide seamless service. Even if you don’t contact your janitorial company often, they should check in with you periodically to assess how service is going. They can also suggest ways to improve it. It is rare for a facility to stay the same from month to month or year to year. Communication is crucial in order to provide consistent service.

Professional Restroom Cleaning Services

The right commercial cleaning company will make a huge difference in your restroom cleaning and bathroom disinfection services as well as the overall cleanliness and condition of the facility. Do not risk your reputation and the health of your staff in the middle of a pandemic.

It is time to look at other options if your commercial restroom cleaning company is unable or unwilling to provide a professional, high-quality, and efficient service that leaves your restrooms both visually and microscopically clean.

We know how to clean toilets correctly the first time. Our company is the leader in restroom cleaning and facility maintenance for businesses. We can help you keep your facility clean and safe for your staff, customers, and yourself in times of crisis.

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