Tips to Select Right Window Treatments for Each Room of Your House

Select Right Window Treatments for Each Room
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Window treatments are an elegant combination of style and purpose. They serve to not decorate your house and workspace but to also carry out a particular function. The works that your window treatments will have to provide will vary based upon the details of the room itself. The windows inside each room will also have different requirements that will need to be dealt with as a way to have the maximum performance out of your window coverings.


Among the primary things to consider is the direction of your windows. North-facing windows will barely ever get direct sun, but windows facing some other direction are bound to get direct sunlight. Window treatments are made to control the amount of sunlight allowed in, but they will differ in the way that they perform this task. Taking into consideration how much sunlight you would like to allow in versus the need to block harsh rays and treatments you will wish to consider for every room. You can hire a professional Window Replacement in Fort Worth for your home.


Along with allowing sunlight in, windows are one of the principal sources of letting heat in and out of your home. It’s crucial to keep your house at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. And window treatments are one of the best ways to protect against energy loss.


Considering the proximity of what is about the exterior of your home will determine your needs for privacy. Nearby neighbors or open areas around your house can create a vantage point to view into your house.


Everyone loves a beautiful view. If your windows look out over a stunning landscape, you are going to want window treatments that frame your perspective. On the other hand, if your windows look out over something not as visually appealing, you’ll most likely need window treatments that will help block or confuse those unsightly obstacles.


Consider the lifestyle which you bring to your living room when deciding on what window treatments will serve you best.

What do you use your living space for most frequently? Is your living area where you sit and read? Or is the living area where you host parties and gatherings? Or maybe you’ve got a game night or movie night weekly. No matter what your living room is utilized for is going to ascertain what window treatments are best suited to this space.

  • Vertical Blinds

If you need a level of privacy and light control in your living room, then vertical blinds might be just the ideal match for this room. Vertical blinds are a fashionable option that is fantastic for windows that are wider than they are tall and can create your ceilings seem higher. They may be partially opened allowing only some natural light while still providing a little privacy. Or opened all of the ways when you want to showcase your view.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are made from a piece of material that stacks when raised. Based on the selection of material, Roman shades are wonderful for privacy. They also have beautiful decorative possibilities since you can have them customized with just about any sort of material to match your decor.

  • Cellular Shades

Living rooms are all wonderful places to gather and spend some time with friends and family! Based on your location and the way your windows face, your living room may be susceptible to energy loss. If this is true for you, think about cellular shades for your living room. Cellular shades come in a vast selection of styles and colors that will complement your decor while keeping your space a comfortable temperature.

  • Shutters

Interior shutters are among the most timeless and classic window treatments available. They add a distinct wow factor to your windows, which could be exactly what you want to do in your living space! They make a visual statement in both their open and closed positions. Added advantages to interior shutters are their ability to block lighting and inhibit drastic temperature changes. Shutters in their closed position are incredibly capable of maintaining your room warm through winter and cool in the summertime.

Which Are The Very Best Window Coverings For Your Bedroom?

Bedroom window treatments should be flexible to provide light control, noise control, and privacy.

The trick to window treatments for bedroom windows is versatility. In your bedroom, light control and privacy is going to be your main focus. Throughout the day, you may want your windows to allow natural lighting in. In the evening you are going to wish to have the ability to close your window treatments. And you will need your window treatments to be able to easily move from one to the other.

  • Lined Draperies

The best option for noise and light control will be draped with a lining. Depending upon the fabric of the curtains, they will have the ability to block much of the outdoor light and sound from your bedroom by themselves. Adding a lining to your curtains will provide you an extra layer of insulating material to block any additional unwanted lighting or noise.

Drapes can be added along with other window treatments like blinds and shades to create whatever style you are searching for. The choices of material available for curtains are endless in cloth options, colors, and textures.

  • Roman Colors

Maybe long flowing drapes are not your style, but you like the concept of cloth window treatments due to the vast array of options available. Roman shades can be made from almost any material in a variety of opacities and fashions.

  • Cellular Shades

Bedrooms are areas where temperature control can be a significant factor. You will want your bedroom to be at a comfortable temperature all year long. Since windows account for a massive quantity of energy reduction, window treatments are a superb way to make sure your area is warm through winter and cool in the summertime.


Your dining area is a great place for elegance and a bold statement in your window treatments.

Dining rooms are regions of gathering and celebrations. The majority of these functions will happen around mealtimes so consider the direction your windows face when searching for window treatments for your dining room.

  • Panels

Long, dramatic side panels will add instant elegance and style to your dining room. Panels frame your windows to permit natural light to flow in. Top treatments are a great addition to panels and include an extra design element for a touch of “wow” for your room. Panels are good to layer along with other window treatments to add texture and depth to your room.

  • Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a stunning choice for dining rooms because they include an increased style to any space. There are so many types of styles, tones, and finishes of wood blinds to choose from. Wood blinds also offer wonderful light control. Wood blinds also provide complete privacy when they’re in their closed position.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are a wonderful alternative to long fabric window treatments. There are many material choices to pick from, the options are infinite. Roman shades stay within the framework of the window while adding a little color, pattern, and texture.


Windows in the kitchen are all about allowing in lots of natural lighting. Nobody wants a dark kitchen. If your windows are near countertops or sinks, certain substances could get stained from splashes or may retain odors. If your windows have been put in which they could come in contact with moisture or humidity seem for window treatments that are made from durable, water-resistant cloth.

  • Faux Wood Blinds or Shutters

Faux wood blinds provide the gorgeous aesthetic of wood but are much more durable and moisture resistant. They’re also quite versatile for light control. They can let in as much or as little light as desired.

  • Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are wonderful for bringing filtered light into a room. Should you have to create a barrier for harsh afternoon sunlight, sheer shades might be a beautiful way to soften the natural light that is entering your kitchen.


Window treatments within an office area need to block unwanted glare or harsh light.

As you have probably already learned, the Benefits of window treatments to fit your style and decor are almost endless. To narrow down a number of these options, it is imperative to take into account the function and primary aim of the space. In some rooms are easy to find out the function. But occasionally there is a room whose purpose is not as clearly defined. The purpose of the room will be decided by the lifestyle and demands of these people using that space.

Do you have an office space that needs window treatments? Your requirements for that office space may decide what window treatments will work best for you. Are you really on the ground floor and want privacy? Consider simple blinds or roller shade. Is your desk setup where your computer screen captures a glare from the windows? Then mild control is crucial. Workspaces also need to invigorate you without distracting you.

Have you got a TV room or a media room that has windows? Your primary need for this type of room will be producing a complete blackout effect. Adding blackout liners to your shades is the ideal method to guarantee no outside light can come through.

Blackout drapes are perfect for blocking out unwanted light and warmth in TV and press rooms.


Window treatments play an important role in almost any room. They are critical in helping each room serve its main purpose while adding elegance and beauty to the space. Whichever area of your house you are looking to upgrade with window treatments, Starwood Distributors covered has what you need. With thousands of options available, your Starwood Distributors Covered Design expert will be able to help you narrow down the choices to what will serve you best. Our goal is to find the perfect window treatments to match your lifestyle and needs.

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