The Guide On Transporting Fine Art: White Glove Delivery Services

Transporting Fine Art

How to transport fine art?

Fine art and antiques can be difficult to transport and pose many risks. You need to minimize the risk of your art being damaged during transport, whether you’re moving house, selling or buying a new piece, or simply displaying it.

This blog will share tips for safely transporting fine art.

Take Notes

Before you pack away your artwork and place it in a vehicle for storage, take photos of it. Make notes about any scratches, blemishes, or imperfections. If you need to file an insurance claim, this will be crucial.

Fine Art Can Be Transported With The Correct Packing Materials

If not used properly, some packaging materials can cause more damage than good. Fine art must be transported in the right packaging materials.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam
  • Brown acid-free paper
  • Soft cotton and white linen
  • Sturdy boxes
  • Shredded paper
  • Strong and durable packaging tape
  • I.e. Labelled tape Fragile

These materials are often used for transporting fine arts and antiques. However, they can be easily misused.

Bubble wrap can cause damage if it is used directly on oil paintings or pastel drawings. Instead, apply a thin layer of tissue paper instead of bubble wrap.

The wood finish can also be damaged if it is transported in hot or humid environments wrapped in bubble wrap.

If you do not use the right boxes, damage can also happen. For transporting antiques or fine art, standard packing cardboard boxes won’t work. Heavy-duty double-wall boxes with ample space for the item are safer.

And the Right Vehicle

It is important to choose the right materials and a vehicle that suits them. You should not place art or antiques in a vehicle that allows them to move about or come into contact with hard surfaces. They should not be stored in stacks, no matter how convenient. Artwork should be placed in appropriate-sized crates.

Be careful

It is easier to get your fine art safely from A to B if it has been properly packaged. There are methods to properly pack antiques and fine art. These are our top tips:

  • Before packing and shipping, clean and dust all items.
  • Wrap the artwork in bubble wrap by wrapping it with a lightweight cloth sheet, or layer of acid-free paper, around it.
  • To avoid any damage, mount unframed artwork on cardboard. You can do this by folding four sheets of acid-free paper into triangles, leaving one side open. Then slide the triangles into four corners of your art and taping them onto a piece of sturdy cardboard.
  • To minimize movement, transport art and antiques in sturdy boxes with 3 inches of space between the pieces of art.
  • Before placing sculptures in boxes, wrap them with bubble wrap or tape.
  • Place a piece of soft foam on the bottom and then place artwork on top.
  • After sealing, reinforce the corners and bottoms of the boxes with tape.
  • Each piece should be labeled carefully
  • To avoid stacking, use shipping labels that have designations such as ‘Do not stack’ to make sure other people don’t stack your artwork.

Do not forget about insurance

If you’re transporting something of significant value, insurance is especially important. If the art piece is fragile. Insurance can protect against damage, theft, and losses while giving you peace of mind.

Get help from experts in fine art transportation

It is best to seek the advice of a specialist in fine art transport. You can rest assured that your fine art will be transported safely by professionals.

We offer fine art crating and shipping throughout the country. Artists, collectors, and auctioneers are some of our regular customers. All of our team members have been trained in the art and techniques of handling antiques and fine art. Each piece of art is different, expensive, and delicate.

Your art will be transported in a custom-built, temperature-controlled unmarked vehicle that has satellite tracking and communications. We can provide a customized packaging and transportation solution, no matter how large or small your art is.

We can arrange insurance coverage for your needs.

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