The Misconception About Starting a New Fashion Brand that You Need to Know

Misconception About Starting a New Fashion Brand

Fashion entrepreneurs can be confused by the many myths that surround the industry. It is possible to see through the smoke and mirrors of the fashion industry and find out what is real and what is there to hinder your success. Here are the myths that will help you avoid making mistakes in your garment journey.

Myth #1 “Starting the manufacturing procedure is easy” – Without having all your ducks in order, it’s impossible to simply walk into a factory to begin the process. A pre-production package usually includes a fabric standard and tech pack as well as a prototype sample, target costs, mock purchase orders, and a line sheet. We can assure you that without these items, factories will have many questions. Don’t rush to the end if you don’t have all the information. If you aren’t ready, don’t worry – hard work and perseverance will get you there!

Myth #2 “You must do it all” – If you are in this business to make money, it is best to outsource some of your daily responsibilities. You can be more focused on your tasks by outsourcing certain daily responsibilities. Burnout is the biggest problem for entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, it can also be avoided. Focus on the things you are good at and understand your weaknesses. Hire experts in areas that you need help. It’s all about productivity and making the most of your time. You can delegate your control and still be successful.

Myth #3: “If they build it, they’ll come” – Designers make the most common mistake of believing that they have a great idea that will sell. In the fashion industry, there is no guarantee. We can give you some tips to help you make better decisions and increase your chances of winning: Market research is essential! Do your homework! Avoid the sales guessing game and get to know your audience. (We promise it is not as much fun as it sounds). If they are interested, ask for pre-orders. Remember that it takes time to build an audience. Rome was not built in one day!

Myth #4 “You must have a complete business plan” – This is good news for those who are “all-creative, not-business”! A great way to visualize your goals is with mood boards and vision boards. Without the need for a formal plan, your vision board will visualize your target market and mission statement. It will also show where your company sees itself in the future. The mood board will help plan the direction of your products. You don’t need a detailed plan. Keep it simple.

Myth #5– “You need to have a lot of money to start” Did you know that Apple was founded by two college dropouts from their garage? While we don’t expect every startup to achieve this level of success, it is possible. You can save tons of money by using simple blocks (patterns), choosing less expensive fabrics, and limiting how many styles you use.

Myth #6 “You will spend most time designing” – This is a guarantee: top designers all over the world laugh at it. If you are a designer, expect to have many more! A designer who starts a clothing company will only spend about 5% of their time designing. Your time will be used to run the business, including everything from accounting and sales, as well as managing administration. Y

Myth #7 “The more styles that you offer, the more established your look.” Too many options can overwhelm retail buyers and consumers. It’s easier to keep your products to six – this not only makes it easier to manage but also allows you to define your niche and brand. Larger collections will require more planning and investment. Your brand must also be well-known in the fashion world. This is not the time to open a department store.

Myth #8 “Fashion entrepreneurs don’t need to be salespeople” – Your product is your best asset and you will be the best salesperson. You have to generate buzz about your product. Sales are the most important skill you need to master, beyond design.

Myth #9 “Selling products at a lower price will make them more attractive” – Being the cheapest product on the market doesn’t always mean you are the most competitive in fashion. It’s important to know who your competitors are – not all fashion brands in the world. Consider who your clothes would be bought (demographic), their price points, and where they shop. You should focus on solving a problem and the value and quality of your garments, then charge your target market according to what they would pay.


Myth #10 “You must have a background in fashion or a degree in design to be capable of making it” What does this fashion master have in common? These fashion masters did not have formal training in fashion. You don’t have to go to school to gain valuable experience. Internships, industry experts, workshops, and attending workshops are all great ways to get that experience. Many of today’s most acclaimed designers have degrees in completely different fields or none at all.

It is easy to get lost in the myths about what it takes to be successful in fashion. Fear shouldn’t stop you! Your destiny is in your control! The Canadian garment manufacturers are a leading sewing company that manufacture high-quality that are produced in a Canadian factory and we promise to deliver on time.

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