The Most Common Office Cleaning Mistakes

Office Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning is an integral part of any job, no matter if you are working at a desk or have a job that requires cleaning. If it’s not, it should. While different jobs might require different cleaning skills, everyone should work together to keep their workplace clean and tidy. While everyone makes mistakes, some common office cleaning errors should be avoided.

A messy desk can lead to a clutter mind

Although a clean desk may be a relative term, anyone who has worked in an office with others knows that there is always at least one person whose desk is a disaster zone worthy of FEMA. This is the person in the office who claims to know everything about the desk, but they are lying.

Disorder spreads and employees who leave their desks in chaos tend to spread it to their work, their coworkers, their thinking processes, etc. A cluttered desk is not conducive for a productive start to each day.

Every item on a desk needs to be in its proper place. It is worth the effort of putting them back where they belong after someone else has done. A messy desk is one of those office cleaning errors that can be easily fixed and can make a huge difference.

Use the wrong cleaning supplies for different surfaces

All-purpose cleaners may not be the panacea they claim to be. You can’t expect one product to work for every situation, just like olive oil cannot be put in your car’s motor.

Spilled coffee may require antiseptic products, but not all spills. Window cleaners are not equipped to clean restroom fixtures. The office vacuum cleaner might not be suitable for all flooring surfaces in your building. No matter the type of flooring, it is important to use the right tools to clean it effectively.

This is something that custodial staff know so they don’t wander around the building carrying one bottle of cleaner and one cloth. This combination is great for cleaning counters in the breakroom, but it’s not effective for cleaning windows. And no carpets can handle it. You should have all the necessary cleaning products and solutions for your office, just as you would in your own home.

Avoid spills and stains on carpets, rugs, and furniture

Most people admit that they have all backed away from spills and let them settle. Some people choose to ignore the mess and leave it alone. Others prefer to take the “that’s my job” approach. And some don’t want any responsibility for cleaning up after a spill.

These actions, along with being careless and inconsiderate, can lead to long-term damage to surfaces that were soiled by the spilled material. Spills that aren’t cleaned up quickly can cause stains which can be much more difficult to clean than if the material was still wet.

Some furniture is more resistant to staining and spills than others, but they still need to be cleaned.

This is a standard behavior that employees should be able to accept. Once it becomes part of the workplace culture, everyone will have a cleaner work environment.

Harsh Chemicals that Could Cause Damage to Your Health and the Environment

The wrong products can cause unpleasant odours and make the work environment more hostile.

Worst-case scenario: Employees may become sick from breathing in toxic fumes, or suffer long-term health problems as a result of exposure to unsafe chemicals.

You should also consider the environment. If improperly disposed off, some cleaning products can cause harm to air quality and groundwater, as well as harm to animals. Everyone will benefit from cleaners that are organic and environmentally safe.

If you’re unsure about what to consider when choosing cleaning supplies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a complete list of environmental-safe cleaning products.

Use Sponges or Dirty Mops to Clean Your Floors

A mop that has been used every day for more than a week will not do any good. If one of those days included mopping up blood or vomit, all areas “cleaned” with the same mop were treated with biohazardous material instead of being disinfected.

If your sponge or dishcloth emits an unpleasant odor, it is time to replace it. Make sure to clean your items with clean materials.

Not cleaning under desks, cabinets, or other hard-to-reach areas

Although it is possible to assume that he forgot, most people have dealt with those who are too lazy or unwilling to put in the effort. Employees may need gentle reminders if cleaning up spots that are difficult to see or easy to overlook is an issue.

Even so, it is difficult to clean the kitchenette if crumbs are left under the toe kick. Cleaning in particular areas can be difficult and make your office less sanitary.

Not cleaning the bathroom?

Rarely is there anyone who enjoys cleaning the bathroom. It is a must, though, because this area of the office is arguably the most germ-ridden. This is the first place to look for the source of unpleasant odors.

Regular maintenance is essential for bathrooms to avoid becoming a source of stress and filthy water. This task should not be ignored, regardless of whether office workers have a rotating schedule for cleaning bathrooms or a custodial staff who does so, because no one will be happy.

Don’t ignore the trash can until it is full of garbage

As with bathroom cleaning, emptying trash containers should be a daily or even weekly task. People need to remember that trash cans should not be full if they aren’t available for pick up until Wednesday night. It is better to take a few minutes to empty the trash than to let them rot.

Daily Cleaning of Common Areas

Disinfecting surfaces is important, even if you don’t consider the age of COVID-19. Although a desk may not be used every day, multiple people use the same area to spread germs and other pathogens. Particularly vulnerable are areas where multiple people gather or eat regularly.

One sneeze is all it takes to transmit the cold virus to a table. From there, it can spread to other hosts and stay there for many days until they disinfect that surface. Public areas should have disinfectants as a part of their cleaning routine.

A Routine Office Cleaning Plan is not necessary

Although spring cleaning is a rewarding activity, it should not be used as a replacement for a regular cleaning schedule. Each office employee should know what items need to be cleaned, regardless of whether they have a dedicated cleaning crew.

A clean office is a happier place than any other. Avoiding these and other bad cleaning habits can help make your life easier. Trust a cleaning service! Contact commercial cleaning Dallas tx for a wide variety of commercial cleaning services.

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