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Induction Cooking
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Have you ever wondered if induction cooking is the right choice for your restaurant? This article will explain why induction cooking is a good choice for your commercial restaurant.

Safety should always be a concern when you are considering a new appliance to bring into your home. Induction creates heat. Cooktops and ranges have the same purpose. Induction heats your cookware directly as opposed to the surface of the cooktop. The cookware won’t heat up until it is in the correct cooking zone. It also cools faster than traditional electric or gas cooktops.

The Induction elements automatically shut off when a pan or pot is removed from the stovetop. This reduces the chance of accidentally turning on a burner.

Induction cooktops look similar to electric smooth-top burners but don’t have any burners beneath the surface. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy for heating pots and pans. Gas and electric cooktops heat in indirect ways, by using a burner or heating element and radiating energy onto the food.

It’s much more efficient to heat your cookware directly than indirectly. Induction can deliver approximately 80% to 90% of its electromagnetic energy to the food in a pan. This compares to gas which converts only 38% and electric which can only manage 70%.

Induction cooktops heat up faster and have more precise temperature controls.

Induction cooktops are capable of reaching a wide temperature range and take less time to boil than either their gas or electric counterparts. The cooktop’s surface remains cool so that you don’t burn your hands. You can even place a paper towel between an induction stove and a frying pan. However, you should be careful. The pan heats up faster than the cooktop.

These are the reasons people prefer induction cooking and why you should too.

Better Efficiency

Conventional cooking produces heat at a distance from the pan. This means that some heat energy gets wasted before it reaches its destination. This is why heat energy is first converted to heat before it can be transferred to the pan or the cooking pot. Gas burners in commercial kitchens heat up quickly because they waste energy, heating the air around them.

The cooking induction cooktop uses direct heating but consumes less energy. This makes them more efficient than electric and gas cooktops. An ordinary induction cooktop produces 84% more heat than other cooktops.


Induction cooking, which uses direct heating, loses less heat. This allows the pans to heat up faster and cook food faster. This is an advantage for restaurants and hotels that need orders to be processed quickly.

According to a trusted restaurant supply store, an induction cooktop can reduce cooking time by 20%.

Environment and safety friendly

Induction cookers use energy that can only be transferred to magnetic materials. You can adjust the knob of your induction cooker to the maximum setting and still use your hands without risking burning your skin. Even rings and bracelets can’t be heated up as the sensors detect ferrous materials and won’t turn on the heat.

The induction cooktop doesn’t use fossil fuels. They have low energy consumption. They are also eco-friendly.

It’s easy to clean

It is difficult to clean electric and gas cooktops, especially if food remains on the surface. These cooktops can also hide food in a lot of places and crevices. The induction cooktop is different.

Induction cooktops have a smooth surface that doesn’t get very hot. This makes cleaning it easy. It can be cleaned with a damp sponge.

Induction stoves keep a cool cooking surface.

The pan is the only one that heats up, so a hot element won’t be exposed. This prevents fire hazards and burns. This allows for faster cleanup. This makes it easier to cook with children. However, the cookware (and the food within it) will still remain very hot.

Induction stoves are safer for cooking

These are more efficient than electric or natural gas. It emits no gas into the atmosphere and won’t catch items, such as dishcloths on fire, because it heats only iron-containing items. The heating element turns off automatically when cookware is removed. This reduces the risk of it being left on accidentally while you are cooking.

You can make an educated decision about the best method for you by understanding what induction cooking offers and what you lose. We provide all the types of induction range and also other restaurant equipment, so if you want to buy restaurant equipment, then we are here to help you.

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