What’s Your Need For A Reliable White Glove Delivery Service?

White Glove Delivery Service

If you searched for white glove Delivery you’d quickly realize that this service is an extraordinary delivery option. Last-mile delivery is what you might call your usual delivery service. The goal is to get the parcel as soon as possible. While this is great for many items, it can sometimes be too slow or not flexible enough to meet customer needs, especially for large items and special deliveries.

White glove delivery is a way to improve the delivery process by adding a few extra benefits to regular delivery services. It is usually a two-person delivery team to ensure that heavier items can be delivered safely and efficiently. Customers can also have greater control over the delivery of their items.

Extra services

White glove delivery also includes the option to include additional services in the delivery. This can be illustrated by:

  • Instead of leaving it up to the customer to manage the delivery, you can have the delivery delivered to a specific area or location on the property.
  • Make sure you unpack the item before you leave.
  • Once packaging is removed, it can be removed
  • Installation of the item for the customer
  • Basic training is provided on how to use it

A customer might have a TV that is not wall-mountable and has purchased a new one. The TV would be delivered white glove and unpacked. It would then be mounted on a stand and the customer would be shown its basic features. The delivery service would then remove all packaging.

Customers can quickly enjoy their purchase by simply mounting it on the wall or messing with the setup.

White glove delivery and wholesale business

White glove delivery is a great option for B2C companies. It’s both beneficial to the customer and the business. What about wholesale businesses? Which businesses find that white glove services are a benefit?

Many wholesale companies offer white glove delivery.

Wholesale businesses can use white glove delivery companies.

  • Manufacturers of furniture and cabinets
  • Companies that specialize in medical and surgical procedures
  • Advertising and marketing companies
  • Manufacturers of display products
  • Companies that offer home exercise
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Manufacturers of specialty products

Are there any additional services available?

Although the specific needs of each business are dependent on its activities, here are some examples of the services wholesale companies can use from white-glove deliveries.

The two-person team is the best option. A larger team can also be used to enter the property and set up equipment. You may manufacture a particular piece of equipment and need to set it up correctly as a wholesaler. You can ensure that the equipment is working properly and that the business using it has all the necessary information.

A second example is when special handling, tools, or detailed procedures are required to deliver or install an object.

Installation may have regulations and someone qualified to do so is required. They can meet the delivery team and make sure the item is ready to be installed before the electrician or qualified person takes over.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as assembling product stands or displays in the business to allow staff to focus on other things. There may be special documentation or scanning requirements that must be followed. These may all be beyond the reach of regular delivery services.

Your business should offer white glove delivery

White glove delivery is worth looking into. It is up to you and your company to decide if it is right. Some general benefits can be applied to almost all types of businesses.

There are fewer missed deliveries

White glove delivery is a way to communicate with customers more effectively than regular delivery. This applies whether the customer is an individual or a business. This lowers the likelihood of missing delivery and reduces the cost associated with redelivery.

There is less chance of damage during transit

White glove delivery reduces the likelihood that products are damaged during transit and will need to be replaced at the business expense. This ensures that customers receive superior service and loyalty.

Better customer service

The best customer service should be offered to all customers. This higher level of customer service is possible due to the flexibility and high-quality services offered by white glove storage and delivery. This results in positive reviews that increase the likelihood of customers recommending the business to others.

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