When Should You Use The White Glove Delivery Service? Learn More About It!

White Glove Delivery Service

Depending on how frequently you use delivery services you might have heard the phrase “white gloves delivery”. Do you picture a butler with a silver platter ready to pour champagne? White gloves were once part of a man’s evening wear.

White gloves look elegant. White gloves are elegant and can also be seen revealing dirt or dust.

White gloves are often associated with special treatment. White gloves are for your satisfaction, no matter if they’re worn by your waiter or delivery driver. This is the concept behind white glove delivery.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery essentially is an upgrade to regular delivery. The item is treated with extraordinary care throughout its journey.

White glove delivery is a method of delivering an item to you. Every step from point A to B is carefully thought out. White glove delivery saves you the hassle of lifting heavy boxes and assembly, unlike regular delivery services that leave the packages in the driveway or on the sidewalk.

White glove delivery services provide care for the following:

  • Packaging: All items delivered via white glove services have been packed with the proper materials so that they arrive in perfect condition. There are no scratches, dents, or broken pieces. Some companies can make custom crates to fit your item, regardless of its size or weight.
  • Logistics: From the moment goods or packages are packed for shipment to the moment they arrive at their destination, each step is carefully planned according to the customer’s needs and the items being transported. The delivery service handles all logistics, from choosing the right packaging to scheduling overnight storage. This leaves you free to focus on other priorities.
  • Cleanliness: White glove delivery services use clean, secure storage and delivery vehicles to avoid dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • Assembly: These white glove delivery drivers are skilled specialists who can not only transport goods safely and efficiently but also help with the transportation of packages to their destination. They are skilled in assembling and setting up delivered goods. White glove drivers can help with the assembly and setup of heavy furniture and delicate lighting fixtures.
  • Disassembly: If you hire a white-glove service for an event like a wedding or tradeshow, the white glove drivers will safely disassemble and remove the items and transport them to their new destination.
  • Disposal: All boxes, crates, and packing materials will be disposed of by white glove drivers, as you prefer, to save you time and hassle.

Why Should You Use White Glove Delivery?

A white glove delivery service is a good choice in many cases. White glove delivery is a great option for antique furniture and art that needs to be delivered to your home or sterile medical equipment that must be delivered quickly and handled with extreme care. It’s worth the investment for your home and business.

Imagine that beautiful piece of mahogany being transported in a truck that also delivers chicken wire. You might find grandma’s desk after delivery looking like it was handled by an angry cat, rather than a human being. White glove delivery can give you the assurance that your heirloom will be safe.

Imagine that you’re going to exhibit your life-sized glass sculptures at a gallery 100 miles away. Do you trust any delivery company to transport and install a decade worth of work? Most likely not.

Best Items to Ship with a White Glove Delivery Services

Not every item requires expert delivery drivers. Some items, however, require attention to every detail, as we’ll see below. If an object is valuable, irreplaceable or too heavy to assemble, or requires quick assembly, it may be worth white-glove treatment.


A valuable item is one that has either monetary or personal value. It could be an Egyptian pottery piece that is transferred to a new exhibition or a wedding gown passed down through the generations. value can be any object, but it could also refer to a wedding dress passed down through generations.

Because white gloves delivery services are specialized, they will take the same care for antique pottery as vintage bridal gowns. White glove delivery services can be used for valuable items such as:

  • Artwork – paintings and sculptures
  • Expensive equipment – musical instruments, robotics, or machines
  • Rare items – artifacts and antiques as well as memorabilia

Fragile Products

How to set up a theatre production? Do you need lighting or displays delivered and assembled quickly? Fragile items don’t only include those made from glass or ceramic. Many things we use in our homes and businesses require special handling because they could have fragile parts that can be damaged if they are not transported with extreme care.

Unassembled and Bulky Furniture

If your furniture is fragile, expensive, too heavy to transport, or difficult to move, you might consider hiring white-glove professionals to deliver it.

For heavy or difficult-to-assemble items, white-glove services may be worth looking into. There is only so much time in our lives, so sometimes it is worth hiring a professional to take care of the job and save us the hassle.

Medical Equipment

If you work in a hospital or take care of someone at home, then you understand the importance and necessity of sterilized medical equipment. It’s important that equipment is 100% sterilized. Someone’s life could depend on it.

White glove delivery is a way to ensure that your medical equipment gets handled with care. Your delivery company should check if they offer medical-related deliveries. This may include refrigerated trucks.

Perishable or Refrigerated Goods

Beverages and food items should be treated with care. You don’t want your 5-tier cake looking like a basketball on your daughter’s big day. When choosing a delivery service, cleanliness and climate control are important considerations.

Special Events

White glove delivery will not only transport perishable food from a caterer to the destination but also assist you in setting up your special occasion or trade show all in one transaction. This could include assistance and delivery:

  • Decorations
  • Tables and chairs
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Serving stations and cooking equipment
  • Food and drinks
  • Equipment for music
  • Displays and sets
  • Sound systems and audio equipment

Virtually any task you require assistance with, including the delivery of goods and the setting up or taking down of an event, can be left to a white glove delivery company.

What can you expect from White Glove Delivery Services?

The services that white gloves provide will vary based on the company. You can expect nothing less than the best customer service when you use white glove services. Your satisfaction will be the ultimate goal of our delivery service.

You will be able to save money by using a white glove delivery company

  • Time
  • Stress
  • Hassle

Moving is hard work. It is hard work lifting heavy furniture. It’s not fun to ask your friends and family to help you move. You may feel too discouraged to live with a bear family, so it is time to call a delivery company.

Are you looking for a nationwide white glove delivery service? We are a trusted provider that offers all your delivery needs.

We can save you time and allow you to live your life.

Some companies offer top-notch service, but not all. It’s important that you understand what you are paying for when you make a decision to work with a company.

We will take care of your delivery needs so that you have time to relax and enjoy your next event. Every detail is important with white-glove service. Are you curious about the costs? Contact us for a free quote today.

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